- Feasibility Studies.

- Master Planning of infrastructure developments.

- Building Concept development and re-modelling.

- Architectural Designs and Detailing.

- 3-Dimensional Modelling.

- existing infrastructure.

- Obtaining Statutory Approvals.

- procurement support.

- Supervision of Works

- Contract Administration for Construction projects

- Building Integrity Investigations and Compliance

- Quality and Cost Assurance Services for infrastructure projects

- Post-construction Maintenance support

These services are offered on a variety of projects including:
Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Residential and Mixed use developments funded by private, public, corporate and diplomatic entities.

We also give back to the community through Corporate Social Responsibility mainly to sectors providing social services such as religious, educational and other non-governmental institutions.

Proplan Partners Ltd is familiar with implementing multi-stakeholder public-private partnership (PPP) model infrastructure projects. We also offer the above services to support project financing and appraisals;

While offering the above services, Proplan Partners Ltd upholds environmental sustainability, fair gender participation, strict health and safety policies and technological advancement.