Period: 2006 - 09

Scope of service and works: The new campus of the Mountains of The Moon University is located at a very beautiful site on sloping volcanic hills 4 kilometres west of Fort Portal Town. Pro Plan Partners designed the master plan on a virgin site covering more than 150 acres and overlooking the legendary Mountains of the moon (Ruwenzori Mountains.) The project is phased and the first phase comprising the Main Building has already been built.

Period: 2006 - 09

Scope of service and works: Uganda Wildlife Authority (U.W.A) obtained a loan of US$. 12.0 million from the World Bank to upgrade the infrastructure in its Protected Areas. The project involves provision of Staff housing and Other Infrastructure for park headquarters at 5 sites spread across the country. Pro-Plan Partners Ltd were involved in Master Planning, Rehabilitation and designing of various staff houses Administration buildings, workshop buildings and Gatehouses to Park entrances. External works included drives, parking yards and sports facilities.

Period: 2000 - 03

Scope of services and work The works consisted of Master planning, alterations, renovations, extensions and new construction for the entire campus in 2 phases. The first phase dwelt mainly on rehabilitation and provision of basic institutional facilities i.e. lecture rooms, administration block, dormitories, kitchen and dining halls, as well as water supply, power supply and associated reticulation. The second phase comprised additional institutional facilities and staff housing. Some of the additional facilities were labs, workshop, dispensary, sports facilities, conference hall and library. Complete with furniture and equipment, the approx. value of services and works was USD 2.5 MILLION.

Period: 2001

Scope of service and works: Comprehensive cadastral and topographical surveys, site investigations, infrastructure planning and Architectural Master Planning of the entire MUBS campus (approx. 16 acres).