Period: 2009

Scope of service and works: Pro Plan Partners won the consultancy for design of the new modern Headquarters for the American Isurance Group(Now Chartis) in Kampala. The five storey building has an overall floor space of 1250m2. The building has standby electric generators, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Air Conditioning, Fire alarm and fire fighting system and electronic security survilance. External works comprise extensive paving for roads and parking, drainage and boundary wall.

Period: 2006 - 07

Scope of service and works: Construction of a five storeyed 4000m2 office building valued at USD3.0 million with basement parking and modern facilities. (i.e. air conditioning standby electricity generator and lift installations). The design concept is based on open planning with double volume terraces, and an atrium surrounded by a central service core.

Period: 2000 - 02

Scope of service and works: The brief was to remodel, extend and modernize an old 2-storeyed building into offices for NEMA. The existing structure set in a regular box form was decomposed by sun-shading components and curtain walling to provide diffused lighting for the atrium which is the central element, surrounded by the core circulation and service facilities. The organic form of the roof represents the free flowing nature and the natural forces that encompass our environment. The value of the works and services was approximately USD 2.0 million.

Period: 2001

Scope of service and works: The existing building was modified in form and function to project the image and facilitate the sophisticated operations of the High Commission. The building was refubished and modernized to high security and functional standards including ICT strucured cabling, demountable partitioning furniture and furnishings.

Period: 1999 - 02

Scope of service and works: Provision of office accommodation for the Uganda Human Rights Organization and their associated personnel at Kansanga, Kampala. Feasibility studies were carried out at inception in order to solicit funds from Human Rights organizations overseas especially from Scandinavian countries. Consequently, 3-D perspectives and financial models were prepared by Pro-Plan and approved by donors before detailed design and construction could commence in 2001. The character of the 2-storeyed office building with (curtain walling) glazing surround on columns rendered with stone depicts the supportive and transparent functions of the organization.