Period: 2011-Ongoing

Scope of service and works: The factory building at plot 2, Fourth street, Lugogo, Kampala has been under construction since October 2011 and floor space of approximately 500sq. meters. the building will be attached to the existing offices/factory building for Ugasa Coatings Limited. It will comprise a tile production floor, stores for inputs and products,show-room and staff offices at Mezzanine floor for products. The design was conceived to match the existing building externally and to provide abundant natural lighting and ventilation through the double volume space separating the factory from storage and office at the ground and mezzanine levels, respectively. The estimated value of the construction, machinery and equipment is US $ 1.0 million.

Period: 2001-2004

Scope of service and works: Refurbishment and conversion of an existing structure for offices, stores and auxiliary facilities of approximately 1200m², and associated external works such as fencing, paving, lighting and landscaping. The approximate cost of the works and services was USD 600,000.

Period: 2001 - 02

Scope of service and works: Planning, design and supervision of construction of an administrative building, bonded warehouse and auxiliary facilities on a built-up area of approximately 14,000 m2 at a site of approimately 10,000 m2. Civil works included drainage of marshy site and concrete paving for stacked loaded containers other services included provision of railway siding, mechanical and electrical installtion for external lighting, refrigerated containers, fire detection and fire fighting. The works cost approximately USD 2.0 M.

Period: 2001 - 04

Scope of service and works: The New Vision Printing and Publishing Corporation has been expanding its operation for the last seven years. It now has new modern Headquarters/offices, a bigger and larger modern Printing Press, and New Radio and TV Studios. This has been carried out in 3 distinct phases on a tight site where Pro Plan Partners provide the necessary master planning and architectural design skills. The phase 3 development is in excess of US $20,000,000/= (including equipment)

Period: 1995 - 96

Scope of service and works: Master planning , design and supervision of construction for fuctory, offices and associated auxiliary facilities with a built-up area of approximately 4000 m2 at a site of approximately 15000 m2. The steel factory building(3,500M2) which was of modula structure has since expanded to nearly 15,000M2. The first phase costs of the works excluding the modular factory structure and equipment was USD 1.5M.