The project was intended to support the objective of equitable access to basic education for Karimojong children through improvement of infrastructure in 21 primary schools in Karamoja including provision of furniture, instructional materials, solar installations, masonry walkways and rainwater harvesting to compliment the infrastructure development. The project was implemented from August 2013 to December 2016.

The scope of works undertaken at 21 schools included new construction of: 38 double winged dormitories, 21 twin staff houses, two 3- classroom blocks, 56 lined V.I.P latrines for students and staff, 17.5km chain link fencing, rainwater harvesting upto 630,000 litres, 630 trees were planted and substantial external works done to protect the facilities.

The contracts were executed in two lots. Lot 1 covering 9 primary schools in districts of Kaabong, Kotido and Abim while Lot 2 covered 12 primary schools in the districts of Napak, Moroto, Nakapiripit and Amudat.

The USD 8Million project was completed on schedule, with the contract sums and of high quality as regarded by multi stake holders including the Donors, Line Government departments, Beneficiary Local Government stakeholders and private development partners.