Period: 2010-Ongoing

Scope of service and works: The project is located adjacent to the CBD at a site occupying approximately two Ha. Owing to the prime value of the site, it is proposed to develop retail/commercial property constituting two blocks with a gross area approximately 10,000sq. metres. The blocks will be five storey finished in shell and core with parking for approximately 150 cars. The 5 storey residential blocks will cove r a gross area of approximately 5,000sq. metres accommodating a total of 50apartments for rent. the distribution will be 30 two bedroomed and 20 single bedroomed apartments with parking for65 cars. The structures will of reinforced concrete finished with durables coatings and aluminium glazing amenities available include extension of centralized AC, standby generator, lifts, Wi-Fi network connectivity, full time security systems and facilities for people with disabilities. The landscaping will include paved walkways/ample driveways, greenery and external lighting.

Period: 2006‐2007

Scope of service and works: Construction of a double storied commercial building with open plan offices storage and processing facilities. The total building area is approx. 1200sq. meters and the project value was approx. 1.0 million US dollars.

Period: 1998

Scope of service and works: Structural reinforcement to create extra spaces for office accomodation and refubishment of existing structure with renewed service installations and finishes. The building facade was face-lifted to present a modern look.

Period: 2001 - 04

Scope of service and works: The New Vision Printing and Publishing Corporation has been expanding its operation for the last seven years. It now has new modern Headquarters/offices, a bigger and larger modern Printing Press, and New Radio and TV Studios. This has been carried out in 3 distinct phases on a tight site where Pro Plan Partners provide the necessary master planning and architectural design skills. The phase 3 development is in excess of US $20,000,000/= (including equipment).

Period: 1998

Scope of service and works: Design and supervision of construction for a double storeyed building with a showroom on ground floor on first floor. The design depicted organic architecture in the curvilinear form and character as shown in the external wall layout and finishes using local materials i.e. timber and quarry tiles.